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Safe Schools is an outstanding provider of education and consultancy services. We dedicated to helping institutions, schools, and other institutions in achieving the highest standards of safety compliance and wellbeing. With a staff that is highly skilled and experienced experts, Safe Schools offers an array of services specifically designed to meet the needs for your establishment.

When you’re planning to conduct an inspection to ensure the security and health in the facilities at your school be sure that they’re conforming to EOTC regulations, provide guidance for your employees, or provide comprehensive training in OSH safety. Safe Schools has the perfect team of professional consultants to help you with this.

Security Audit: A safety audit is an in-depth inspection of your school’s facilities and equipment and also the guidelines. It is vital in identifying dangers and hazards, and making sure that your school is in compliance with the latest safety guidelines. Safe Schools offers a range of auditing and safety services that includes thorough inspections of the facility’s assessment of risk, as the inspection of conformity.

EOTC compliance: EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom) regulations are essential to ensure the safety and health of children participating with outdoor pursuits. Safe Schools can assist you in achieving EOTC compliance by supplying professionals with advice, tools and assistance for your staff. We make sure that the institution is compliant with the necessary rules and regulations.

Training: Safe Schools offers a range of coaching services to help staff improve their skills and confidence in dealing with safety and health issues. If you need assistance in the development of risk management guidelines and the management of incidents, Safe Schools can provide the most effective guidance and support and education.

Training: Safe Schools has a team of qualified, highly-educated and competent trainers who are able to provide various training programs specifically tailored to the needs of your school. Starting from OSH Compliance through EOTC Guidelines, Safe Schools provides comprehensive instructional and interactive training courses designed to educate and empower your employees.

OSH Compliance: Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) compliance is vital to ensure the safety and health of your employees and students. Safe Schools can assist you in achieving OSH compliance through providing professional guidance and assistance in identifying risks and dangers, and devising efficient strategies to address these hazards and risks.

To contact Safe Schools for assistance with any of these services or for more information, simply complete the online form on the right of this page. When you have Safe Schools by your side you can rest assured that your school operates at the top standards of security, compliance, and wellbeing.


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