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Effective EOTC Guidelines


The view of is that EOTC is only one element of hazard management within a school. It is therefore recommended that EOTC is incorporated within the schools health and safety management system rather than being treated as separate entity. We appreciate that is presently not the case in most schools and as a result we have included this EOTC specific section on the web site.

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The Ministry Education document: 
EOTC Guidelines Bringing the curriculum alive on how schools can develop procedures and policies in this area. It should be noted that this document is not an approved code of practice and as such schools are not legally obligated to follow its recommendations. It is however it based upon elements of good practice and unless there is very good reason it is recommended that where possible it is followed.


How we can help with EOTC Planning? utilises the knowledge and experience of specialists in this field, who have conducted organised and lead hundreds of successful EOTC activities. Including low, high and medium risk educational opportunities within New Zealand and overseas. All possess relevant qualifications in education, outdoor leadership and risk management.

School Safety Services

Audit – We offer an audit of your schools practices and procedures

Mentoring – we can mentor EOTC coordinators, activity leaders and camp organisers in developing effective practices.

Training – we offer training in group leadership, trip management and risk management.

Document checking service – Send us your trip documentation and well check it and return to you with comments and suggestions.

We also provide Free Safety Templates for schools.
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