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Lockdown Safety Planning

Lockdown Safety Considerations:

The Building Act (2004) requires that an evacuation plan and procedure be developed for all public buildings. There is no such requirement with regard to the opposite of an evacuation, the lockdown. The development of a lockdown plan and procedure is an effective way in which to manage a number of potential emergency situations and thus assisting in the school complying with is legal obligations as detailed above.

Research into the quality of lockdown practices and procedures in New Zealand secondary schools was completed in 2012 by Andy Evans in partial fulfilment of a Masters of Management in occupational safety and health.

Lockdown Safety Research:

A presentation outlining the process and detailing results can be found HERE (PowerPoint).

An abridged version of the findings and conclusions can be found HERE (PDF).

It became apparent during the research that there is a lack of assistance available to schools whilst developing an emergency lockdown response procedure.

The expertise developed during the research was used to write…

‘Developing an Emergency Response Plan for Schools’ booklet which is free to download HERE.

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